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American car owners are waiting for an alternative type of fuel that can help to reduce the running costs of their vehicle. Or for a car to be manufactured that has lower running costs. Also, with growing concerns about the environment, many people are looking for ways to reduce carbon emissions. This is why Hydrogen cars are becoming more and more popular. Car enthusiasts have been experimenting, and found a successful way to turn their regular gasoline car into a hydrogen car. Hydrogen has been used as a rocket fuel for many years now. Becoming a part of the work done at NASA, and many other science research facilities. It is important to know that it is highly explosive, it flames being barely visible. Therefore it should always be used with caution when converting your car. You are not able to run a car on Hydrogen alone. It can be used however as a supplement to the gasoline. Gasoline is known not to burn fully inside the combustion engine. Hydrogen helps this process to occur, meaning that it can provide a boost to the car’s mileage. Which in turn can create savings in fuel costs.

There are two models of cars that are run on Hydrogen:
1. A car which is run on hydrogen as a liquid which is stored in a tank.
2. This car is run on a fuel cell containing Hydrogen.

Both of these cars alter the chemical element of the Hydrogen, into a mechanical energy which propels the car.

There are numerous e-guides that you can refer to which can show you how to convert your gasoline car into a Hydrogen car. The process involves a lot of cables and tubes. Also some other materials to generate the Hydrogen. All of these materials can easily …

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When discussing emissions-free cars it is first necessary to define which vehicles are        actually emissions-free.  Many will confuse emissions-free vehicles with electric or hybrid cars, they are not the same.  To be truly zero-emissions, a car has to be battery-powered and charged only from solar energy.  All other vehicles are running plants or coal and while they put out fewer emissions than traditional cars, they are not emissions-free.

Emissions-Free Cars Available Next Year

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that it is investing $20 million towards creating cars with a smaller carbonfootprint.  With this increase in money the market is speeding up to see which companies can create the best vehicles in the upcoming years.  For this year, the top contenders are:

  • Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell – This is a small sports utility vehicle that is currently only available in California.  It has a range of up to 265 miles and up to speeds of 100 mph.
  • Volkswagen e-Golf – Up until now Volkswagen has never created an all-electric car.  Their e-Golf will travel up to 115 miles which is the second best of all electric vehicles in the U.S. and offers 200 pounds-feet of torque which is quite impressive.
  • Merecedes B-Class F-Cell – Mercedes claims that the B-Class F-cell has a range of 190 miles and 134 horsepower.  There are currently two pilot leasing programs in San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • Kia Soul – Kia has been known to be one of the cheaper vehicles to purchase and with its new electric Soul it will be nudging in with more esteemed automakers.  The new electric vehicle from Kia claims a range of 92 miles.  While fewer miles than the competitors it is still highly impressive and ranks it in the top 5. Equally impressive is the fact that
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Most people tend to believe that diesel cars provide users the opportunity to save money. For some this is true, however if you take notes of every single expense that you will have on the long run, diesel fueled cars might not be the right option for you. Let’s take a look at some explanations and learn why this happens. Make sure you do this before you spend extra money on something that might cost you even more on the long run.

The advantages of diesel fueled cars.

Diesel is more expensive, however it gives the car the opportunity to run longer distances and spend less at the same time. Although diesel cars are known as big, noisy and stinky, today this is not the reality. Technology has improved significantly , especially design-wise, which means cars have improved as well. Diesel cars are no longer noisy or even slow, as most people believe they are, in fact today they can speed quickly and work just as well as a gas fueled car.

What about the bad sides? Do they exist?

Yes, unfortunately there are some bad sides when it comes to diesel fueled cars. Although diesel is a fuel that lasts longer it is more expensive than the conventional gas and ethanol.

And this is not everything…

Diesel cars are also a few thousands of dollars more expensive than average cars, which means you will have to pay a big difference when purchasing the car. If you add the extra amount of money to the money you will pay extra on the fuel it might not be a very good idea to buy a diesel car, after all you will spend more when purchasing and the car and much more whenever you decide to fill in your tank.

When is

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The USA has been a notable market leader for many years; they have been at the forefront of many innovations, discoveries and research ventures, as the 2014 Electric Cars exhibitions and media reports clearly indicate. They have been pioneers in climate change research and the threat that it poses to our planet. It is just a pity that they have been so slow in adapting and in averting further harm to planet earth. A major contributor to our planets woes is CO2 emissions of which 33 percent comes from transportation in the US. This is not a desirable scenario and unless we turn the tide and do so quickly, climate change might do irreversible damage to an already struggling planet.

What could be done?

This nation is better prepared than any other nation on the planet to make a meaningful change in the least amount of time. Why is this critical change taking so long to be initiated? After all the scientific reports in the media, with all the proof and data that was brought to the table, why does the greatest and best informed nation on earth take so long to adapt and to become a successful role model to the rest of the world? Our carbon footprint is among the largest on the planet and escalating. Have we become too comfortable with our CO2 disgorging pickup trucks to care about our abused planet? Have we become selfish, would we rather enjoy our little comforts with no consideration for the state of the planet that our children are going to inherit? What will the planet look like in fifty years if we don’t turn the tide right now?need more information? 

Could electric cars make a difference?

We have the technology to drastically diminish our carbon footprint, with several …

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This year will be the most happening for automobile industry as the automakers will be introducing many new electric cars this year. During the year they will offer consumers extraordinary choice in emissions-free driving. The continued penetration of electric vehicles (EVs) will affect the power grid and revenue streams for automakers, resulting in the emergence of new business models and first-time relationships between new partners. In order to analyze the impacts of these and other key issues facing the EV industry, Navigant Research has prepared this white paper that makes 10 predictions about the continuing evolution of the market in 2014 and beyond. The global electric vehicle (EV) industry is poised to grow by 86% and will surpass more than 346,000 new vehicles sold. The selection of models will increase as luxury automakers Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes, Saab, and Volvo will all introduce their first plug-in cars. Nissan’s upcoming electric van, the e-NV200, will give fleets a new option for reducing their carbon emissions footprint.

Voiture électrique

Electric Vehicles: 10 Predictions for 2014 forecasts:

1. EVs will play a leading role in car share growth.

2014 will be a breakout year for car sharing programs with a 20 percent growth in the nation’s car sharing fleet. Navigant says that electric vehicle are good fit for those who do not want to own their own transport because of the savings and convenience of driving on electricity rather than paying at the pump.

2. Electric motorcycles will break out as transportation alternative.

An increase in product choice in the electric market and signs of a rebounding motorcycle market will spark this trend, Navigant says.

3. Tesla Motors will have a volatile year.

Plans to increase in the number of its supercharger stations, scale up vehicle production and enter new markets represent three major challengers …

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